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At Meitra, the founders believe that quality healthcare is the right of every human. 

The vision for Meitra was to create an outstanding tertiary healthcare facility and provide unparalleled clinical care and patient experience in the beautiful city of Calicut. Right from its inception, Meitra was envisioned to be a healthcare centre of international standards. The infrastructure, medical facilities, and clinical services were benchmarked against the world’s best hospitals.

Meitra’s patient-centric hospital design has resulted in a new kind of hospital concept – ‘The Hospitel’– essentially merging the care of a hospital and the luxury of a hotel, to create a unique patient experience.

There are 220 individual rooms and suites including 52 individual intensive care units. The hospital also has 7 futuristic operation theatres and is supported by cutting edge medical diagnostic equipment. 

Meitra delivers advanced patient-care through integrated practice units called Centres of Excellence (COE). Each centre combines medical and surgical departments associated with the management of one disease area or organ system under a single leadership team. 

Meitra has five specialized COEs: Heart and Vascular Care, Bone, Joint and Spine Care, Neurosciences, Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases, and Renal Diseases and Urology. These centres are supported by renowned doctors, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and technology-integrated clinical practices. Meitra’s care-path model was developed under the advice of physicians from one of the world’s best hospitals. The COEs ensure that patients receive unparalleled clinical care that clearly sets the hospital apart in the industry.

Patient recovery in Meitra is accelerated not just because of the fantastic clinical care one receives but also because of the feel-good environment created through its unique infrastructure.

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MCS Medical tourism India

MCS Medical Tourism Awarded Kerala’s First NABH  Medical Value Travel Facilitator Accreditation

The certificate was handed over by External Affairs Minister of State Shri V Muraleedharan at a function held at the Union Ministry of External Affairs. Mr. Sivaprasad P V ( Founder & Chief Executive Officer) and Mrs. Lekshmi S Warrier (Designated Partner) received the certificate on behalf of MCS